Build Business English Skills

Build Business English Skills

Gain the skills needed for effective communication with international teams, partners, and clients

power, Confidence & influence

Our short, intensive programs — offered online or in-person give you the knowledge and expertise you need to succeed in an international environment.


Learn from native teachers who have expertise grounded in the context of today’s business world.


Being able to communicate in English in any business situation for immediate impact on your workplace and your career.


With clients from different countries across industries, our programs are designed to be interactive and dynamic.

Start your professional Development

Checking your current level of English

Why Choose Us?

Our programs are designed to help professionals to become highly confident English communicators by improving level, professional vocabulary, pronunciation, flow and confidence.

EA alumni Network

Practice english and expand your networking opportunities

Benefits of Being a Member EA Alumni:

  • Exclusive Network of English as a Second Language (ESL) Professionals
  • Practise your Business English
  • Access to exclusive ESL opportunities
  • Be invited to EA events to expand professional connections
  • Cultural growth

Requirement: Minimum B1 CEFR

Our Solutions

English as Second Language development for individuals & companies.

Live I Online
Live I Onlinefor Professionals
Studying abroad doesn’t necessarily involve traveling the world. With our live sessions it’s possible to improve the level and a set of Business English Skills from your own country.
Exchange Programs
Exchange Programs for Adults
A cultural immersion is the best opportunity to improve English skills, broaden horizons and connect with natives and foreigners from different parts of the world.
eAssess Solution
eAssess Solutionfor Companies
English is an essential tool which will have significant impact on business,which is why to assess candidates for key positons impact Business Performance.

online I Multiple time zones

Business English

Private Sessions to improve level, professional vocabulary, flow & Confidence, and specific needs.

uk I Malta I Emirates I Canada

exchange Programs

General English I IELTS I Cambridge English for Business I Finance I Cultural Immersion

for Companies

Assessment Service

eAssess Solution for companies to assess Business English skills for employees and new hires according to international standards.

Diversity & Inclusion

Fundamental to the mission, structure, and operations at Falable.

A Place Where People Enjoy Speaking English.

Our team have one thing in common: we love to speak in English.

With a team of professionals from different nationalities, we understand the importance of English for diversity and inclusion.

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