London Immersion Program

Would you like to improve your English skills through an immersion course in London?

As one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, London becomes the ideal place to improve English.

In this fascinating city, our students have the possibility to connect not only with natives from different regions, but with foreigners from different countries. This connection brings an incredible opportunity to take English language comprehension to the next level, as you will come to better understand English speakers from all over the world!

English for Business

Are you a professional looking to feel more confident when speaking English in business environments?

This 20-hour-per-week training is aimed at professionals who already speak English but want to have greater confidence and fluency to communicate effectively in a variety of business contexts.

Focused on professionals, our students will improve their Business English skills for more effective written communication, negotiations, presentations and efficient meetings.

The 5 parts of each class :

  • Conversation ( Phonology and Vocabulary)
  • Functional language
  • Extracting important information during meetings
  • Reading and writing
  • Role-play (business meeting)

Levels: B1 to C1 I Minimum age: 25 years I EP Partner School

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inglês para negócios
Estudantes estrangeiros para intercâmbio em Londres

General English

Is boosting your level of English the goal?

Whether it’s a short or long term course, being immersed in an English culture will contribute to quick progress.

In General English, our students can choose the Intensive course (15 hours per week) or Super Intensive (30 hours per week) and the coolest, here at Falable we have created a list of extra activities according to the profile of each student to help with a Full Immersion.

Levels: A2 to C2 I From 16 years old I ICE Partner School

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