Welcome to FALABLE

Welcome to FALABLE Falable - Academy of English for Professionals was founded in London by two expatriates, a Brazilian and a Norwegian with the mission of helping professionals who need to develop the ability to communicate in English for professional goals.

Falable is based in London in the UK and specialises in English for Professionals, so it has a team of native teachers qualified to teach English as a second language (all have Cambridge CELTA or TEFL certification), bilingual mentors who are proficient in English and Spanish or Portuguese, and a management team.

We all believe in the power of global communication, which is why we focus on providing the best English for Professionals training, both online - with live classes - and face-to-face, through immersion in London.


Patrick Heiberg
Patrick HeibergCEO & Co-Founder
Nacionality? Norwegian.
When did you learn English?
I learned at school when I was a child.
What goals have you achieved because of speaking English?
My 6 month trip in Bali and my Msc at UCL in London.

"Having the ability to share thoughts, ideas, knowledge and experience with people from different cultures and backgrounds has taken me places that I would not be possible if I only spoke Norwegian."

Cibele Heiberg
Cibele HeibergCo-Founder
Nacionality? Brazilian.
When did you learn English?
I learned on an Exchange Program abroad.
What goals have you achieved because of speaking English?
It helped me to travel alone for 1 year in Europe, opened new career opportunities and gave me me the possibility to study at City University of London.

“I worked 7 years at Nestlé Brazil and I know what it's like to miss opportunities because of English skills. Therefore, having learned English changed my personal and professional life, opening doors in Brazil and abroad.”

The name Falable was inspired by two words, "fala" which means "speak" in Portuguese and "able" which in English refers to someone's abilities. Together they have the following definition: Having the power, ability or opportunity to convey an information, an opinion or a feeling. "Having the ability to communicate in an international environment"

We believe that education is the way to make the world a better place. So, to help as many people as possible we need a collective effort and that's why we contribute with a positive impact by supporting Soul Bilingue.

A Soul Bilingue is a Brazilian institution that makes international access accessible to low-income young people through scholarships with the mission of expanding their world vision.

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