English Conversation Club

Do you want to practice your English with other professionals and increase your networking in an online environment?

Having the opportunity to practice English is essential to keep your skill up to date, that's why our Conversation Club is perfect for professionals looking to improve their “speaking & listening” with topics related to the business. We have groups of 4-6 students in our classes with a foreign professional or one of our native teachers.

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nossos cursos de inglês

Private English lessons

Do you speak English, but need to improve your english skills for a job promotion or to achieve professional goals?

English is the most important language in the business world and feeling confident when communicating with your team, clients and partners from other countries brings great advantages for those who work in multinationals and startups. Therefore, we design English classes according to the student's level, area and professional objective, making the student feel the development in each class with one of our native teachers.

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Group English Lessons

Do you want to live the experience of studying in London without leaving your country and without leaving your activities?

Thanks to the online migration, you can now study with us with the same structure as the face-to-face course in London. In our online English course for professionals in groups (4-6 students) we offer courses from beginners (A1) to C2 (proficient) with qualified native teachers.

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Aulas de inglês online com professor nativo e em grupo

English immersion in the UK

Do you want to live an unforgettable experience abroad, that's why you are looking for the best English course in London?

So we can help you! Here you have the options of enrolling just for the course or course with extra activities, booking accommodation with us or in a hotel/hostel, with the support of a bilingual mentor before and during your immersion with us. The face-to-face Business English course takes place at our partner school English Path and the general english courseat Islington Centre for English. Let's plan this unforgettable immersion?

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Invest in your employees

How about starting with one of the most important skills in the corporate world: ENGLISH