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English classes for professionals at Falable

English Skills for Professionals

The Business English course as it is spoken in English is focused on developing a set of important skills for the professional world.

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English for Business students in London by Falable Business English Academy
English classes for professionals
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English academy in London
English for professionals
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What our students say

English classes for professionals

"After an experience as a Natura expatriate in Colombia I decided to continue with an international career, but for that I needed an English course specific to my area and goals, and Cibele helped me with that. I studied English both face-to-face in London and online and what makes me recommend Falable most is for the personalised service, support and quality of the course."

Larissa Gouveia, PSI Metals United Kingdom

"I'm loving the online classes because it's totally different having a native speaking teacher! I'm also really enjoying the content because it's exactly what I needed. The classes have been better than I expected!"

Mariana Simão, Nestlé Brazil
Student of Falable face-to-face class

"I wanted to do an English course and my friend recommended Cibele to me, she was my mentor and she was the one who encouraged me and gave me all the support to make it possible. I enroled for 6 months, but completed only 4, because of the pandemic I had to return to Brazil and now I've returned for another 2 months and I'm thinking of extending it, because it was an incredible experience!"

Our Courses

Conversation Club

  • 1 hour per week
  • 4-6 students
  • Native Speaking Teacher

Group English Lessons

  • 2 I 4 I 6 hours per week
  • 4-6 students
  • Native Speaking Teacher


  • Packages of 4 I 20 I 30 hours
  • 1 student
  • Native Speaking Teacher

Immersion in London

  • From 2 weeks
  • English with extra activities*
  • English - Finance & Business

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