Business English Conversation

Are you looking to practice your English with other professionals and increase your networking in an online environment?

Having the opportunity to practice is essential for English skills, which is why our Communication English Training is for adults and professionals who are looking to improve “speaking & listening” with matters related to the corporate world. In our classes we have groups of 2-4 students.

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Treinamento de Conversação em inglês em inglês

Business English (1 on 1 Lessons)

Would you like to improve your english skills for a job promotion or to achieve professional goals?

English is the most important language in the business world and feeling confident when communicating with your team, clients and partners from other countries brings great advantages for those who work in multinationals and startups. Therefore, we design English classes according to the student’s level, area and professional objective, making the student feel the development in each class with one of our native teachers.

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Corporate Education

Would you like to invest in your key employees?

The ability to communicate in English in the workplace has several benefits for both the company and the employee, which is why we have training focused on developing “soft skills” for communicating in English.

Our english course for professionals are in groups of 4 -6 students from A1 to C2 for different fields.

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